Installation requirements

Your Spa should be placed on a sturdy and flat surface on a terrace or in a garden. For installation on a roof-terrace/garden, on a balcony or integrated in a decked area please contact your local Store for more details.

The Spa is filled with normal water through a standard hose. The water remains inside the Spa for around 2 months, dependent on the user frequency. Before filling the Spa please check the calcium level in the water, for high calcium levels the water in your Spa should be filtered.

A standard electrical connection is required to connect your Spa to run and heat the water to the required temperature. For a electricity connection a standard 220V; 13Amp or 220V; 2 x 16Amp connection is required, dependent on the model and requirements. For site survey and more details please contact your local Store.

Before using the Spa check the water quality of the water inside. For water care and maintenance there are specific requirements depend per country and per region.

As an option 4SeasonsSpa also offers an automatic water treatment system


With a 4SeasonsSpa you can be assured to have to best possible after-sales service through our authorized local Stores supported by the 4SeasonsSpa after-sales department.

Knowing that you will be enjoying your Spa for many years to come, it is important to acknowledge that your local store has the right product knowledge and long term commitment to provide you with the service that enables you to enjoy your 4SeasonsSpa.

Daily use

A digital control panel lets you activate the jets, set the preferred temperature, set the water treatment and control the inside lighting of the Spa, quickly and easily.


The water temperature is kept at the preferred temperature by a high-quality and efficient heating system. This means that the spa is always ready for use. With a minimum amount of energy the Spa is kept at a constant temperature thanks to the heat retention through the full foam insulation and the outdoor cover, both standard on all Spa models.

Water treatment

The water in your Spa is kept in optimal condition supported by the ozone and filter system in your Spa


the 4SeasonsSpa Corona Discharge Ozone generator system reduces the need for chemical spa sanitizers,

The ozone eliminates impurities and micro-organisms in water.

All 4SeasonsSpas are equiped as standard with this ozone system.

Please note that an Ozone system can never fully replace the use of sanitizers such as chlorine.


The standard filter-system in each Spa consists of a high density cartridge filter system that ensures the smallest impurities are filtered from the water. All Spa models* have a double filter system

For optimal filtration a silent extra circulation pump is available on certain Spa models.

* Except the Savannah

After using the Spa the cover is positioned back on top. The monitoring system will then take over to control the temperature and activate the pre-set filter-system cycle. The water remains inside for a certain period of time, normally this is approximately 2 months. Once every week the Spa filters needs to be cleaned. For a total clean-up, the Spa can be emptied through the bottom gravity drain