Selecting a Spa is easy

Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology and an attention to detail forms the foundations of each 4SeasonsSpa. The different models each have their own specific characteristics. There are some important elements to take into account when selecting the right Spa for you.

Hydrotherapy & Ergonomics

All 4SeasonsSpas are equipped with a wide range of therapeutic hydro-massage stainless steel jets.

Individual controls allow you to set the most comfortable mixture of water and air and the direction of these jets. This versatility allows you to create the perfect personal massage.

Dependent on the model and configuration each Spa is equiped with 1, 2 or 3 hydromassage pumps. Each pump has a 2 speed set-up giving either a gentle or more intense massage

The efficiency and layout of the jets are the most important factor that determine the quality of hydro-massage.

Do not focus only on the number of jets but try the Spa of your preference and feel the difference

Thanks to ingenious design, the spas have high ergonomic benefits. The moulding of the seats offer comfortable areas to relax, and are designed to hold the body in the optimum position to maximise the hydro-massage. This means that you always have the right support. Each seating or laying position has its own unique massage pattern, providing complete body relaxation.

Energy efficient Spas

Every 4SeasonsSpa meets world class standards in terms of energy efficiency. Every aspect of our heating and monitoring systems has been designed to save energy. The water temperature in the spa is efficiently maintained by a combination of the high density cover and full-foam insulation to ensure minimum heat loss.

The durable LED lighting is more efficient than conventional lighting systems. 4SeasonsSpa can also provide further energy efficient options in the form of solar energy or a connection to your central heating system.

Safe whirlpools

4SeasonsSpa uses only parts that meet the highest European quality standards. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world to have our complete product line TÜV approved. This independent German quality control ensures consistent top quality products for you as a customer.

From a design point of view, safety first requires easy entry in and exit from the Spa. The moulded inside step is equipped with extra grip. Matching outside steps can also be supplied, made from the same beautiful Red Cedar wood as the cabinet. Easy and attractive!


4SeasonsSpa guarantees top European quality and design. All the products that bear our name have been developed with one aim in mind - to provide "Wellness at its best".

The ideal design not only looks beautiful, but combines hydrotherapy, energy efficiency and the right safety level to ensure the optimal Spa for your wellbeing.

Size does matter


Make sure that the depth of the Spa enables you to be completely enveloped by water up to your neck. In this way you will be able to enjoy your Spa truly throughout the 4 Seasons and enjoy the warm water and hydro-massage even on a cold winter day with snow surrounding your Spa.

Try which hottub suits you best

The only way to really appreciate the quality and design of each Spa model is by testing it yourself. In the showroom of one of the 4SeasonsSpa Stores you can do dry testing or book a wet-test to feel which models feel best for you. This also enables you to get the right professional advice when selecting the right Spa model for you.